Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick Takes Friday


[ 1 ]

We don't have any family traditions for the Epiphany of the Lord, which was yesterday in some cultures (celebrated tomorrow in the United States). Although I think we be starting some Epiphany traditions after the little exercise that Miles put me through: When I picked him up from school, he told me that he needed an empty cup when we got home. He didn't want to tell me why and that was okay with me. Miles has a big imagination so I let him use a plastic cup, which he took outside. Later, when he came in from playing, I noticed he didn't have it, but he assured me that he would bring it in later. Of course I forgot, and as we were getting ready for bedtime, he told me how his friend from school said that she leaves a cup outside and she gets a gift from the three kings on the Epiphany.

I'm a softie, and Target is about a two-minute drive from my house, so I hit the dollar bin! I wasn't aware of this very popular tradition in hispanic culture until bedtime, and I didn't know where Miles had left the cup. This means I wandered through our very large, very organic (read: it's like a forest out there) yard with a flashlight in the dark until I found the cup. The things we do for love of our children!

[ 2 ]

While at Target, I ran into a friend who received an exciting phone call just a few hours earlier about selling her house and moving. It was very unexpected and she was very happy. Remember #8 here? I wondered if the Lord was speaking through her. Please, God?!

[ 3 ]

Joseph has been working crazy long hours lately! Tonight, he made it home for dinner with the family—only to find it was leftover night. Poor guy.

[ 4 ]

I've said it before, God cares about the details! He showed me this, again, in a real way on Friday. I am so excited about volunteering on a fundraiser at the kids' school this year; it is a first for me! You know I love themes, and I battle with perfectionism. Well, I met with another parent who I am working with on a themed basket and we decided on Legos. It is age-appropriate for the grade of our children and can be very popular across a broad spectrum. Most of all, Legoland just opened in Florida—only four hours from us!

We were talking about filling the basket with legos and a family set of tickets if we could get them donated—a long shot, but it would make the basket perfect! I spent an embarrassing amount of time communicating with Legoland and trying to convince them of why this is a school they should support with a donation or, at a minimum, a discounted set of tickets. To no avail.  

There was really no way to include the tickets other than a donation because our budget just wouldn't permit actual Legos and tickets to the park. On my way to drop Genevieve at school, I was rehearsing another attempt to call Legoland about the tickets when I noticed I was following an unfamiliar van into the parking lot. I realize I'd met the driver of the van at confession recently (while waiting for confession to be more accurate!). We chatted for a few moments and, in the most innocent way, the subject of Legos came up, and I shared that I was working on this Legos basket. I thought I would pass out when she said, "I have four tickets that we aren't going to use, would you like them for your basket?" Less than 24 hours after I expressed my desire, those tickets came to me.

Yes, God, I know it's you! Thank you for revealing yourself to me and answering my silly prayer for Legoland tickets in the way you saw fit!

[ 5 ]

I love teaching religious education! I'm happy about it starting back up after the break, but I haven't planned my lesson for tomorrow yet (maybe it will touch on the Ephipany).

[ 6 ]

A few years ago, I thought twitter was the most ridiculous thing ever. But now, I love it! I'm sure there's a good reason for my change of heart, but at this late hour, I'm not sure I can identify it.

[ 7 ]

There is one rosary in my shop that is more popular than any other design. I have made it for every sacramental occasion, in every color, for bridesmaid gifts, birthdays, quinceaneras, you name it! What rosary has been so loved?

The zebra design. It comes in hot pink, turquoise, red, or purple with black & zebra accents.

This week, I will feature the premium version (larger beads) of my zebra rosary as my Pay It Forward item. This weekend only, you can find it here for only $29 including personalization. Offer expires when quantities run out or after 11:59 p.m. Sunday night, January 8, 2012!

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  1. Melanie, just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading your posts - they make me smile.


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